Throw Away Kids: Another Murder in Minneapolis PDF Print E-mail
Written by TYzaguirre   
Saturday, 20 March 2010 09:56

Being of Irish extraction, St. Patrick’s Day was my mother’s favorite holiday.   Many attended the downtown parade to commemorate the day.  Later in the day I told my little great niece and nephews who reminded me of leprechauns that they had the luck of the Irish.  Not far from our family get together luck ran out for one young man as he became Minneapolis eleventh murder victim this year.

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Response To Northside's Near-sighted Number Crunchers PDF Print E-mail
Written by TYzaguirre   
Thursday, 18 March 2010 14:43

Late last night March 17th,  the MPLS Mirror published Northside's Near-sighted Number Crunchers: Funnel That Energy Where It Can Do Some Good!  It was met with some criticism.  While I will acknowledge that our elected officials are mere mortals, I agree with Ray they have chosen to represent us and our interests and they are the ones that write the laws and can effect the desired changes.

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How Do We Determine The Value Of A Life? PDF Print E-mail
Written by TYzaguirre   
Sunday, 14 March 2010 01:16

On February 27th,  I stood looking at a photograph of three girls and a gray hoody meticulously hung on a tree, the meaning of which was clear to friends and family of the young victim.  Teddy bears and flowers circled the spot next to the alley where “Lele” had taken her last steps.  She was 17-year-old Alisha “Lele” Neeley, murdered 12 hours previously and this was one of the makeshift memorials that frequently appear to commemorate the loss of a young life. 

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Northside's Near-sighted Number Crunchers: Funnel That Energy Where It Can Do Some Good! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ray Neset   
Wednesday, 17 March 2010 22:32

Recently I read Erin Carlyle’s City Pages article Peter Rickmyer: Northside gadfly or real pain in the ass?  It attempts to chronicle the trials and tribulations of North Minneapolis residents’ battle with level 3 sex offenders and one in particular, Pete Rickmyer a.k.a. Peter Richard Stephenson. 

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Update on CRA PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave Bicking   
Tuesday, 09 March 2010 09:57

[I think that you already all know that our March 3 regularly scheduled CRA board meeting was cancelled at the direction of CRA Chair Don Bellfield, with no explanation given.  And I hope I have kept you all updated regarding the legal action for a Writ of Mandamus against both Bellfield and Dolan.]

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