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Did anyone besides me notice that in a recent blog post John W. Hoff wrote that he was making bombs in front of children?Picture taken by John Hoff bomb




Hoff wrote that at a recent neighborhood celebration, he was using the heating packets from MRE's (meals ready to eat) to make "hydrogen bombs".



While he declined to disclose the formula for the bomb, he stated that he was using a giant sparkler as an ignition source. Research shows that the MRE heating packet can be used to make a MacGyver bomb.



In a MacGyver bomb, the chemical reaction creates highly flammable hydrogen gas. It is this gas which causes the explosion. Igniting this hydrogen gas during the explosion would create an incendiary device. So John Hoff was apparently attempting to ignite a MacGyver type bomb as it exploded. Hoff wrote that while his bombs were successful, he was disappointed that they were not able to get the "Hindenburg" type explosion they were hoping for.



Considering that both State and Federal law make MacGyver type bombs illegal, and Minneapolis city ordinance make incendiary devices illegal, we can be thankful that no one got hurt by John Hoff's attempt to create an explosion of Hindenburg proportions.



Picture by John HoffLet's be clear here. According to the ATF, it is a Federal FELONY to create, possess, or detonate a MacGyver type bomb. Minnesota statute also makes it a felony level offense.



So we have a HAWTHORNE NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL board member manufacturing and detonating an illegal explosive (or "Hydrogen bomb" as he called it), in front of his son, and in front of other minor children in a residential neighborhood. The blog post also states that city council member Diane Hofstede attended the celebration, but it is unclear if she was there when Hoff set off his bombs.



Is anyone else besides me concerned that John Hoff is showing children how to make bombs or incendiary devices?



Shouldn't this behavior have been reported to Hennepin County Child Protection, the police, or the ATF?



Should someone as irresponsible (and maybe dangerous) as John Hoff represent his neighbors by serving of the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council?



Not only has John Hoff in his blogging admitted to this felonious behavior. But since there was a harassment restraining order filed against him last January (filed by his former roommate - which created a domestic relationship under Minnesota law), isn't he prohibited from possessing firearms and/or explosive devices?




History shows that John Hoff loves to enforce the rules and file complaints whenever he sees a violation. This same history shows that he thinks that the rules don't apply to him, and he thinks he can do as he pleases with impunity.



What will it take for the community and the authorities to recognize the dangers John Hoff presents? Does a child have to be hurt before someone takes action?



 Photos taken by John Hoff


+6 #16 Jack 2010-07-24 23:49
Well Aaron, you are entitled to your opinion. But I can honestly say I have no shame what-so-ever about writing this article since it is 100% truthful. I also felt a sense of pride when I hand delivered copies of this article along with other documentation to ATF in St. Paul, and child protection in Minneapolis. I honestly believe that I am making children and citizens safer by trying to get John Hoff off the streets. Just like the folks near Grand Forks, the people in Minneapolis will wise up and run Hoff out of this town too.
-8 #15 Aaron 2010-07-24 10:12
This is the most disgusting blog in Minneapolis. You people are shameful. Using this as a platform for your character-smearing goals instead of actually reporting is disgraceful. Appalled that people in my city actually act this way.

I have more respect for John Hoff just by reading this.
+10 #14 Jack Oliver 2010-07-14 12:13
Mr. Kohler you miss the point. It’s not what John Hoff does, but how does it.
John Hoff is spiteful, vindictive, and just plain mean. That’s why he is the defendant in multiple lawsuits.
John Hoff is the only activist that has numerous websites and blogs dedicated to showing what an immoral and hypocritical person he really is.
All one needs to do is read his Johnnynorthside blog, and you can see that he meets the characteristics of a “psychopath”. Once he has a target he will stalk, intimidate, harass, bully, and terrorize that person in his attempts to destroy them. His predatory behaviors demonstrate that he is more depraved, and dangerous, then any of the slumlords, sex offenders, or criminals he blogs about. John Hoff thrives on victimizing people. He truly needs in-patient treatment.
+3 #13 Jordan Hawkman 2010-07-12 19:38

What do you think is untrue about John Hoff. He is openly stupid enough to brag about most of this on his very own blog. Cite some specifics and we are happy to follow up on it.

As far as Shoes on poles, phone books, graffiti and trash....well...I think it is obvious that no one is for all of it, but there are better ways to go about it than the moronic ways these Urban terrorists go about it in the name of vigilantism.

Don't think for a minute that one of these vigilantes would not sue if they tripped while steeling a phone book or even a "Newly found ladder" on someone else property.

That is.....unless you think making home made bombs with minors is somehow a good thing. If you do, then I guess you and us will never be able to find any common ground.....That is the crux of the problem with these Northside Terrorists such as John Hoff.
-12 #12 Ed Kohler 2010-07-12 09:02
It's possible that I'm reading this wrong, but it seems like this and previous posts about John Hoff have been largely based on false outrage. Writers here seem to be starting from a position of "everything about John Hoff is evil" which is an absolute position that leads to absurd, petty, writing.

I see a great opportunity for debating how to deal with issues like graffiti, shoefiti, deadbeat landlords, city issues, policing, etc. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening here.

To be clear, this isn't a defense of Hoff. We all know that the guy isn't perfect. What I haven't seen here is a decent explanation of who's hurt by vigilante neighborhood clean-up efforts.
+11 #11 Terry Yzaguirre 2010-07-06 21:39
A comment has not been published due to inaccuracy
+17 #10 Jack Oliver 2010-07-06 13:06
As the author of this article I want to respond to Mr. Hoff's claim of defamation.

Today, July 6, 2010, I visited the Clerk of Hennepin County Civil Court. He looked up the restraining order in question and verified that is it valid. It was filed January 14, 2010 and is valid for two years. He also verified that there was no hearing scheduled, and the order remains in effect.
I was provided with a print-out as proof that a valid restraining order exists.

For John Hoff to state that there has never been a restraining order against him is absolutely FALSE.

There is NO defamation as the facts in the article are accurate.

Mr. Hoff is welcome to visit the civil filing counter and get his own copy.

I did make one technical correction to the article.
-2 #9 Jim Watkins 2010-07-04 23:39
For the record... I did not submit the comments under the name antiJNS.
-1 #8 jordan Hawkman 2010-07-04 23:03

John W. Hoff is a fraud.

Johnny Northside and his pals are creating "Loser-ville." 4

Did anyone ever take this chronic liar seriously. He is a circus sideshow that Deserves to have the last little visitatio0n rights he has finally taken away. He has had every chance to turn his life around and be productivve. IT appears to be nearing the end of the line.

Dead beat Dad. But he still has time to steal mulch from Home Depot and brag about it. I am sure the Bike he fenced was stolen fair and square too. Watch your valuables, Johnny needs $ again for drinking his sorrows away and defending lawsuits.
+22 #7 antijns 2010-07-04 01:00
What are you going to do Hoff, sue someone?
You going to hire another attorney?
You can't afford to pay your property taxes.
You can't afford to pay child support.
You're lucky you got water to flush the toilet.
And an attorney that represents himself, has a fool for a client.
So I guess that means you'll be representing yourself.

Grow up you sniveling little weasel.

You have more serious things to worry about, like the ATF knocking on your door.
What kind of a dumbass makes bombs in front of kids?
You need serious therapy!

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